Conveyor Belt Scale

Continuous bulk material measurement in belt conveyor

The single-idler belt scale records the weight of the material on a load cell specific section of conveyor belt.

  • Continuous weight recording
  • Conveying rates between 45-800 t/h
  • Belt widths from 500 to 1.350 mm
  • Efficient data collection
  • Easy installation
  • Low installation depth

The weight of the conveyed material is measured with a strain gauge bending beam load cell.


The current belt speed is continuously recorded by the measuring wheel with the speed sensor. The flow rate [t/h] is then calculated from these two variables.

The evaluation of the signals and the calculation of all values is carried out via a PLC, which is integrated in a compact control cabinet. This unit is equipped with a Profinet interface as standard.

Assembly on the conveyor belt

The scale can be used for universal application in almost every conveyor.

The belt scale can be easily mounted in belt conveyors. The support bars of the scale are easily screwed upon the conveyor.

Due to the standardized design, the belt scale construction can be adapted to different conveyor belt widths by shortening the bars.

Technical Data

Version: lacquered
Material load cell: stainless steel
Achievable accuracy: ± 0,03 %
Degree of protection load cell: IP 68
Mechanical overload capacity: max. 5 times the nominal load, based on the nominal conveying distance
Maximum flow rate: approx. 800 t/h
System accuracy: typically 1-2 % between 20 and 100 %
Operating temperature: -20 °C … +50 °C
Band width spectrum: 500 – 1,350 mm, depending on the band width on site


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Conveyor belt scale

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